High Speed Transports for
Grain and Corn Headers

About Ja-Mar MFG., Inc

Ja-Mar Trailers, led by Jim Brewer and sons James and Mark, is a family run manufacturer of trailers for agricultural and general use.  We have sold products all over the U.S. Canada and foreign country's.

These days, we specialize in trailers for moving combine headers. We opened shop in 1978, and then over the years broadened our inventory. Since 2007, we’re been re-focusing our considerable experience and resources to build what we believe to be the best header trailers out there.

The combine header represents a serious investment in your outfit, and Ja-Mar Trailers knows you’re not going to toss it up on any old trailer. We manufacture our trailers for strength, and ease of loading and unloading. A Ja-Mar Trailer will get it there safely and get it unloaded with little hassle.

Back when we first started you could simply drive your combine from field to field. Back then, Jim Brewer built Ja-Mar Trailers for nearly every use imaginable.  But he saw the future in larger and larger headers. That’s when he focused his design and manufacturing talents on products that would keep up with the needs of the industry. You can call them carts, wagons, transports or trailers, but it all boils down to considering the time you’ll save using equipment that gets you there safely and easily. In this industry, we all know time equals money.

Ja-Mar Trailers are simply quality trailers at affordable prices.

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